Currently: October

Goodness gracious, I love these posts! Just about the end of October is an appropriate time to do this, yes? (Don’t answer that.)


Current books: Right now I’m reading The Best Yes before Refresh Summit, and absolutely loving it!

The Best Yes

I love her style of writing, and I’ve just really been digging the message of it lately. Good stuff!

Current music: STILL obsessed with this song. #cantstopwontstop

Current guilty pleasure: Watching A LOT of Gilmore girls on Netflix. Like a whole bunch. I’m already on season 4. I regret nothing.


Current nail color: A pretty lavender that I painted ALL BY MYSELF. This makes me happier than it should.


Current drink:  CAFFEINE. Early morning = sleepy Linny.


Loreali gets me. (Source)

Current food: Nada.

Current favorite show: I’m way too deep into a Netflix vortex right now to even try to answer this question appropriately. AND, all the shows I love are coming back from their hiatus for the Fall. I just can’t. This is too hard. I don’t know. <– What I said in September. This still holds true. Also, Scandal.

Current wish list: This pretty little newbie from Ashley Brooke Designs!


Current needs: A Yorkie will always be an acceptable answer here.

Current triumphs: Making weight loss and my health a priority, all day, errry day. Never giving up!

Current bane of my existence:  That winter is coming. Apparently all I do is complain about the weather. I only like the Fall. And then Spring. Just give me cooler weather that isn’t one extreme or another and I’m a happy girl ;)

Current celebrity crush: Vince Vaughn, Vince Vaughn, Vince Vaughn. It’s always gonna be Vince.

Current indulgence: I just bought this planner. I loved the Day Designer, but the binding came out, and it’s kinda driving me crazy. SO I got a new one. Because I’m lame. And love planners. And they wanted me to send my Day Designer back to be rebinded and not having a planner made me a little twitchy to think about.

Emily Ley

Current blessing: The best family and friends. The LL&S challenge. My little B. My job. Getting to go to Grad school (actually I’ll chose almost being done as my biggest blessing related to Grad school!), so much.

Current outfit: Dark jeans, white top, rust colored cardigan. I had a polka dot scarf on but I got over that pretty fast. I swear I run hotter than most people!


Current excitement: Heading to Tennessee in a few weeks with my sweet friend Melissa to go to Refresh!!!

Current mood: Ridiculously happy. Life is good.

Current link: THIS. Oh my goodness, I can’t handle the cuteness.


Think Out Loud & fill me in! What are you “Currently” doing?

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