Physical Therapy & Non-Food Rewards Part 2

So, let’s first start this post with something happy and super cool.

Polka dot pants!

I’m wearing polka dot pants today. POLKA DOT PANTS!

(These are similar.) Look at me, trying to be a fashion blogger or something. ;)

Anyway, I come bearing bad news. (For me.) Guess who’s starting Physical Therapy again?

This Girl

Obviously, I was less than amused when I got this news from my doctor.


Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about, and my back hurts a whole lot, so I’m ready to do anything that will fix it, and get me back to the gym. Also, I know that I’m going to have to be really careful in the eating department, since the working out department is a no go right now.

Last week, I talked about non-food rewards, thanks to some advice from my sweet friend, Sarah. To keep myself motivated, I came up with some non-food rewards for the next 50 pounds. I’m guilty of only seeing the big picture, but I have to reach small milestones along the way to reach the big goals!

Non Food Rewards

LJ shirt // ABD Mug

I need a color change something FIERCE (hello grey hair!) so I cannot wait to get to 10 pounds. Also note, this isn’t the first 10 pounds I’m losing, just the next round!

[I can't wait to treat myself with these!!]

Are you good at breaking up to smaller goals, or can you only see the big picture? Tell me more about your favorite non-food rewards! (Are you diggin’ mine?) Do you love polka dot pants as much as I do?!

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