Weigh In Wednesday #4

Hiiii! So obviously we did not have a Weigh In Wednesday last week. Mostly because from Sunday – mid day Tuesday, I was just keeping down Popsicles. But, I’m back (back again, Lindsay’s back, tell a friend…) and betta than evaaaa! ;)

Weigh In Wednesday

Starting Weight: 234.6 
Current Weight: 231.9
Loss/Gain: -2.7


Steve from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, anyone? (Source)

Steve from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, anyone? (Source)

Excited! Excited!!!!!

I’m really happy with my results. With the exception of some serious Easter candy damage (Coconut Cream Eggs, I can’t quit you) I’ve been doing my best to make good choices, and eat real food.

I’m thinking of doing Advocare again at some point (after my birthday, before Blend haha) because I liked that a lot, and I had good results with it. Now if only I would have stuck with eating like that afterwards (I digress…) I probably wouldn’t be jonesing so hard to do it again. ANYWAY, so c’est la vie. Life is good, I’m down weight & I am happy happy happy!

Apparently, I’m playing how many children’s movie images can I put in my Weigh In Wednesday post. Love love love. Carry on!

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Reflections On My First DNS (Did Not Start)

I expected this post to be a little different. I was planning on going to the Hershey 10K (a race I was supposed to run) to cheer on friends that were doing it. Instead, I woke up with the flu that Sunday morning.

Part of me wonders if that was life’s way of telling me it would have been too hard to be there. I didn’t want to give up meeting two fabulous bloggers friends, ringing my cowbell and cheering for the runners. But, I know it would have been hard to be there, but not running.

I was looking forward to my first 10K. Of course, I had already run that distance in the half, but this was only going to be 6.2 miles (holy guacamole when did that become only?) and it was going to be a redemption run. I had no time goals for the half, but I wanted to beat my 10K time this time around.

And then I got injured. Two days after running the half.


I talked about this a bit on Sunday in my No Sweat, York contribution, but it’s definitely been hard. I was just starting to feel like a runner, and now I’m struggling with feeling like one now.

I’m not running, and I haven’t since the half – more than a month ago. That’s been hard on me. I go through times where I’ll feel like I’ll be betters soon, and others where I wonder if my knee will ever get better (even though I know realistically it will.) I just need to keep holding on to that pride and sense of accomplishment from the half. It will happen again, just not today.

My next race is set to be May 31, 2014 – the ZOOMA Annapolis race! I’ve bumped down from the half (my original goal) to the 10K. My PT is confident I’ll be okay for the race. I just need to keep doing my exercises (ughhh) and working hard every day to get back.

ZOOMA Annapolis

I hope you’ll join me in Annapolis!!

I’m working hard to keep it all in perspective, and I want to hold on to this feeling of not running, and not exercising for a long time. Hopefully that will make me stick to my training plan and stretching/foam rolling, etc. so I don’t get injured again!

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It’s My Birthday, I’ll Rent A Dress If I Want To

(Rent a dress if I want to, rent a dress if I want to…) 

I turn 26 on May 4th – just a little under 2 weeks away. Holy guacamole! Of course, I thought by this time last year I’d be teetering just towards my goal weight. Every year, I say I’m not going to spend another birthday at this weight. For the past few years, that hasn’t been the case. There’s always my 27th birthday, right?

I love my birthday (I’ll likely never grow out of that) and I want to look (and feel) pretty, and I know just how to do that.

I don’t remember when I first heard about Rent The Runway (Theodora, maybe?) but I’ve been jonesing for a reason to rent a dress ever since. A birthday is a perfect occasion for that, right?!

Except, I can’t decide which dress I want to wear, and I know you want to help me out. Thanks pallies!

Option 1:



Option 2:



Option 3:



Option 4:



Option 5:



I want to wear them all. Can I have 5 costume changes over the course of one night? Don’t answer that.

Leave me your choice in the comments!

P.S. I love you. 

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HOLY GUACAMOLE. You guys, I  really missed you. I never anticipated being away from you all for a whole week!



SO, when I last chatted with you all, I was excited about my new blog design, bummed about not running, but excited to spectate my friends at the 10K that I was supposed to run with them.

2 of those things are still true, and one of those things did not happen.


You know you’re a blogger when you document your sickness ;)

On Sunday (the day of the 10K) I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. Hello flu, not nice at ALL to see you. I don’t get sick too often, and I am huge baby every time that I do. I hate throwing up, hate. it. I did nothing but lay on the couch all day, eating popsicles and sipping on ginger ale and regular cokes.

Then, this past week I had my work’s big event (NO time to be sick!) and that took all of my time and energy.

I’m feeling MUCH better, thank goodness I have been since mid-day Tuesday, and I’m ready to get back into chatting with you all!

I suppose that was life’s way of making me slow down a bit. Between work, school, blogging and such, I’ve been feeling a bit cray cray lately.

There are A LOT of blogs in my BlogLovin’ feed to catch up on, but you know I’m looking forward to hearing what you were all up to this week! AND, I know I’m behind on responding to comments, but I can’t wait to reply to you (and thank you for the all the kind comments on the new blog! – I’m so glad you all like it!)

Alright, I love you all (and thanks for sticking around this week!)


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Scenes from Rock ‘N’ Roll USA 2014 (My First Half!)

Edited to add: As I was publishing this post, my new design changes went live!!! I am SO obsessed with the new design, and hope you are too. I’ll have a whole post on the amazing Tasha next week! Let me know what what you think of the new design :)

I’m bumming hard right now that I’m not running due to this stupid knee injury. I think that’s pretty evident by my whiny Instagram captions, and general hate of having to go to Physical Therapy right now. Obviously, I know that I will recover eventually, and then next 4 weeks at PT will go by quickly.

The delivery of my photos from my first half could not have come at a better time. It’s amazing to look back at these photos, and remember that I’m able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to, and to remember the happiness of that day. I thought you’d all like to see them!


You’ve of course seen some of the personal pictures that I have from the race, but these are the ones that were taken by the professional photographers along the course.

All these photos were taken by MarathonFoto, though I paid for the following four photos with my own money! (Well, technically my mom bought them. Same difference, right?) ;)

half 3

Just enjoying life, running 13.1 miles! Either they cut Jodie out of this photo, or this is one of the times when she was trying to get a credit card she found on the ground to the police. (Another story for another time!)


Couldn’t have done this without you, Jodie! I love this picture!

half 1

Fairly certain this is around mile 11, because I am a crazy person who likes to jump in the air after running 11 miles, with 2 more to go. I did one of these by myself when I saw the photographer (we know I love jumping pictures!) and he said “Do it again! Do it again!” So Jodie and I both did it a few more times, and this is my favorite of what they caught. Basically, running half marathons gives you wiiiiiiiiings!


Crossing the finish line of my first half. Hands in the air, smile on my face. One of the best days of my entire life, and one of the greatest feelings in the world. Set big goals, guys, reach for them & never give up!

I hope your weekend is fabulous, and my goodness if you’re running this weekend, run some miles for me. I’ll be cheering Kristen and Becca on (with my cowbell!) at the Hershey 10K this weekend! Obviously I wish I could still run with them, but I can’t wait to be a great cheerleader. Let me know if you’re there :)

Do you buy pictures from your races?

Tell me your favorite pose in pictures (not just running!) I need some new ideas (clearly!) ;)

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Thinking Out Loud: Confessions (Again!)

I debated putting this post up, just because it’s later than I usually like to post. Yesterday, I worked, went swimming, went to dinner, came home and did homework & then passed the heck out. No time for writing blog posts. But, not to worry amigos (well more likely amigas – pretty sure my readership is mostly females) here is a confession laden post for you. Enjoy!

Confession… I am not a good swimmer. This I already knew. Part of the reason I signed up for a tri was to push myself to become a better swimmer. I know how to swim well enough not to drown, and that’s pretty much it. I’m looking forward to learning some of the strokes, and also how to breathe during the strokes without inhaling a bunch of water (….like last night. ANYWAY.)


I posted this on Instagram and also sent it to MamaSica. She sent me back a lot of “hahas” so I think she appreciated it!

Swimming caps are not fun. I do not like them. Goggles however are quite nice, and I like being able to see underneath the water.

Confession… I miss my sister. I didn’t realize (well I knew, but maybe I just never paid that much attention to it) how much I talk to her throughout the day, even if it’s just a quick text message. Her being out of connection most of the week whomps. Looking forward to chatting with her this weekend!

Confessions… I worry I’ll never be as brave as The Peach (my sister.) She headed off, not knowing anywhere there or in her program. She’s so brave. Like The Brave Little Toaster!

The part with the air conditioner in the beginning used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. (Source)

The part with the air conditioner in the beginning used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. (Source)

Confession… I always want to wear red lipstick, and always see other people rocking it, but I’m always worried that I can’t. Christine’s post today made me think of this because she looks rockin’ with it on, and I always worry I’ll look like a clown.


I polled you all about this in December I think via Instagram with this picture, wore it out and felt SUPER uncomfortable and clown like. And then it wore off so all was dandy.

Confession… I can’t decide what I want to do for my birthday. I’m thinking dinner/going out, but part of me wants to do something CRAY. Give me your ideas so I can pass them off as my own. Kay thanks!

Confession… I have so many post ideas, and none of them written yet. Hopefully I can work on that this weekend, since my homework is already done. (WHOOP!)

Confession… Speaking of homework, I can already tell this is going to be one of my hardest terms. I’m VERY interested in the classes, but it’s going to be a lot of work. I’m getting deeper into the core work for my program, so it’s no surprise they’re getting harder. I’m ready for it, throw it at me bro. (J/K, please don’t.)

1st Day - highlighting and writing on the syllabus like craaazy.

1st Day – highlighting and writing on the syllabus like craaazy.

Confession… I already can’t for Brynlee’s 1st birthday party next month. Crazy Auntie alert! Girlfriend is a vampire though. It is NOT nice to bite your Aunt Linny, sista. No more presents for you. Just kidding, I’ll keep showering you with love and presents. Side note: My mom says it’s karma because I used to bite my little brother? I have no idea what she’s talking about ;)


Confession… There’s too many selfies in this post always on this blog. #butfirstletmetakeaselfie. Confession... I’m shamelessly obsessed with that song.

Confession… I am also obsessed with this song. I’m trying to learn all the words so I can belt it out. Let me know if you’d like a vlog with me singing it here on Lindsay Weighs In ;)

Confession… Is it June yet? I CANNOT wait for Blend, and keep getting more excited (though I didn’t know that was possible) each time I talk to the girls, or we make more plans! I’m so excited to meet you all that will be there! I’m warning you now, I’m a hugger.

Confession… Cori is doing this, and I had been thinking about doing it too. Apparently I borrow steal all my best ideas from Cori. Hi pretty lady! Would you all be interested in an “Ask Me Anything” post? Are there any burning questions you’d like to know? (Probably not because I overshare too much here.)

Confession… I keep trying to come up with a way to get my PT to take a picture of me there for you all for the comedy factor, doing an exercise. Particularly crab-walk (not it’s real name, I give them fun names so I hate doing them less.) I also do crab-walk sits, butt squeezes, pant lifters and stupid hip rises. ;) Do you think if I told him it was for my blog he would judge me? (Yes.)

I'm not above taking pictures of my icing though AT physical therapy. (And whiny and talking about hobbits in the caption.)

I’m apparently not above taking pictures of my icing though AT physical therapy. (And whinning and talking about hobbits in the caption.)

I need to be better about taking pictures that I don’t also post on Instagram. Sorry ya’ll. I’ll take them with my NEW PHONE. 5S baby! The fingerprint unlocking makes me way happier than it probably should. It’s the little things right?


Of course, I’m also linking up with that beautiful Canadian Amanda for Thinking Out Loud today, because I’m all about thinking out loud and confessing with you all on Thursdays. Make it a great day, America Lindsay Weighs In Readers! (Did anyone catch my GMA reference? No one? It’s cool.)

Confess something with me, guys! It will make you feel better.

Can you rock red lipstick? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!! 

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Weigh In Wednesday #3

Alternative Title: What goes down must come back up again?

Weigh In Wednesday

So let’s get right off to this. I don’t have good news today.

Starting Weight: 234.6 

Current Weight: 233.2

Loss/Gain: -1.4 (but up 1.7 from last week)


Obviously, I’m happy that I’m not all the way back up to my starting weight. I recognize that this could be much worse! :) However, I’m not really surprised at these results, and that’s what’s irritating me.

I turned to food as a comfort quite a bit this past week. I’m stressed, I’m bummed and I’m turning to food. NOT OKAY. I really need to find another outlet, and I’m working hard at doing that. However, I went to the ‘ol standby this week, and the scale reflects that.

I also have had waaay too much Starbucks lately. Although I always try to get “skinny” drinks, the calories still add up and they’re unnecessary calories. I’m back on the Spark train now, though I must confess I did get a Skinny Iced Vanilla/Caramel (Thanks Roomie!) Macchiato this morning. I cannot tell a lie.

Proof of my problem.

Proof of my problem.

I can’t run right now and that’s a bummer, but I need to stop dwelling on it. I need an attitude adjustment, and ruuuuull fast. Don’t worry, I’m working on it!

So is this the end all be all? No way jose! I’m working on it, and just because I had a gain this week doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. It just means that I have to try harder this week (and stop drinking so much damn Starbucks.)

What do you do when you gain in a weigh in?

Do you have a Starbucks problem too?

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Adventures In Online Dating

I’m not really quiet about the fact that I’m “unlucky in love” here on Lindsay Weighs In. I don’t know if I’m too picky, too unlovable or too something else. So far, I haven’t had any success on Match, and honestly, I’m kind of over it.

It took me awhile to even set up an account, but I’ve been on the site since mid-December (I bought a Groupon) and actually canceled my account once already because I wasn’t having any success. Then, I was offered 3 months for the price of one, and signed back up again.

My subscription ends mid-May, and I won’t be renewing it.

This probably comes into the fact that I’m too picky, but I refuse to settle. I have standards and a picture in my mind of who I want to be with. At this point in my life, I’m not dating just to date. I’m going to be 26 next month (holy crap) and I want to find someone who I can settle down with.

I’ve been on a few dates, and although they’ve gone well, I haven’t gone on any second dates. Either I decided not to move forward, or they did.

Dating is stressful, and makes me super nervous. Although I look forward to the dates, they’re such a stressful situation and it’s hard for me to relax.

I have some things to work on before I’m ready to let someone else love me, I think. I’m not always the hugest fan of myself (though I try to remain positive), but I think I’ll be better of at finding someone once I’m at my goal weight. It’s almost like I have my guard up, and I think that part of that is because I’m uncomfortable at my current weight.

So do I think I’ll be alone forever? Honestly, sometimes, though I know that’s not true. One of my self-defense mechanicsms is to joke that I’ll die alone with my cats (though I really would prefer Yorkies if I get the choice.)

So will I find someone? I hope so. Just not right now. :)

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MIMM #2: Weekend Fun

Hi guys!! I hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful Monday. This weekend was pretty darn amazing, so I thought I’d link up with the beautiful Katie for her Marvelous In My Monday Link Up!


First of all, I got to see some of my favorite people this weekend! I headed out to Emily’s to snuggle the baby help her and her husband get their new house ready. I even got to work up a bit of sweat painting for a few hours, which felt amazing. I haven’t done any kind of workout since the half (almost a month ago! Holy guacamole) so I was really happy! Plus I got to see my loves, which made it all the better :)


Someone got camera shy and wouldn’t do her “yucky face” for Aunt Linny. Seriously cutest thing ever.

I’m back on the Spark train! I really loved it when I was doing Advocare, so I’m sip sippin’ on it again! Thanks to the lovely Becky for sending me a variety pack. I’m trying two new flavors today – Mango Strawberry and Grape. I have lots of new ones to try, but I just may be buying a canister of Mango Strawberry sometime soon. That might be my new favorite! The only bad part? Waiting a WHOLE 30 minutes after drinking it to eat ;)


Curly (au natural) hair brought to you by the fact that I forgot my straightener at Emily’s. Probably for the better, as I’ve been straightening my hair probably way too much lately. A blessing in disguise that I forget it? We’ll go with that!

I got to talk to my sister on Saturday morning!! She arrived safely, and will be able to talk to us once a week. I enjoyed a lovely, lovely 20 minute phone conversation with her (thank you Viber app!!!) and it was so good to hear her voice & hear things are going well. I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures!


I stayed up entirely too late watching the Game of Thrones premiere, and it did not disappoint. I just recently watched the first three seasons, so I didn’t have the long wait that many did, but I’m happy for it to be back! Love, love, love.

Life is good, pals. :) I hope your weekend (and Monday!) are/were fabulous!

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Love it!

Are you good about wearing your hair natural? Clearly, I am not.

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Friday Things

Hola! Que Pasa? I took years of Spanish in High School, yet I can barely remember most of it. Sometimes I try to listen along to conversations on TV and such, and every once in a while I can understand just enough to kind of get what the conversation about. But if they’re talking fast? Forget about it!

So here’s a brain dump for you (bucket of craaaazy!) on this fine, fine Friday morning.


1. My sister left for a month long trip today, and I’m going to miss her like crazy. I know she’ll have the best time though, and I can’t wait to hear all about it! (And hear she made it safely of course!) :)

Lily does not want Peach to leave. (Or is trying to stow away.) ;)

Lily does not want Peach to leave. (Or is trying to stow away.) ;)

2. I really miss exercise. It’s one of my biggest coping mechanisms for my anxiety, and I all around feel better when I’m being active. Counting down the days until I’m cleared to work out again. I miss running!!

3. I have new tape job from the ‘ol PT, my new bestie. I keep pronouncing it wrong, but it’s kinseo tape. Itchy, itchy but please helpy helpy.


4. I’m terrified I’ve lost all my fitness while I’ve been injured. Am I going to be back where I started when I can run again? Someone give me a crystal ball so I know all the answers.


5. My birthday is in exactly one month!!! I don’t know if ya’ll know this about me (you totally do) but I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. I’m renting a dress from Rent The Runway for both my birthday and for the Blend Cocktail Party, and don’t worry – I’ll let you all help me pick it out!

6. I’m in a phase of loooooving Country music again. Brad Paisley’s “When I Get Where I’m Going” is on constant repeat right now. I love this line:

I’m gonna walk with my Granddaddy, and he’ll match me step for step. And I’ll tell him how I’ve missed him, every second since he left.


Replace Granddaddy with Daddy <3

7. I let my BlogLovin’ get over 1,000 this week. Becky is probably having (another) panic attack reading this again ;) Never again! So many good posts, so little time.

8. Online dating is annoying. Expect a post on this next week.

9. I get to see my little love muffin this weekend (and help her Mama and Daddy work on their new house!) I tried to get my PT to write me a note that painting would agitate my knee, but no dice ;) jk, jk — I’m really excited to help them out!

10. I’m so excited that it’s getting warmer. It’s been a long, cold, dark winter & I need some sunshine in my life!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it’s fantastic!!

Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow? Kaythanksloveyoubyeeeee!

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