Reflections on 2 Years of Blogging

Hi! Happy Friday :)


I cannot believe it’s been two years since I started Lindsay Weighs In. It feels like just yesterday I was writing the post for Year 1. (My blog’s actual birthday was a few days, ago – but I’m a terrible blog Mama. So sorry.)

This past year has been amazing. I’ve grown my blog a bit (though that’s never what this has been about). I’ve shared with you all about my life. I’ve talked about anxiety, about love, about loss and about feeling stuck. I’ve talked about weight loss, about fitness, about boys. I’ve shared the good times and the bad times. You’ve all picked me up when I felt down, and for some reason you continue to come back here to read my babble and I love you for that.

You come here to read about Parks & Rec, Starbucks, Criminal Minds and my obsession with all things Disney. You give me suggestions, and the tough love when I need it.


Two of the biggest things that happened this year were attending Blend, and getting chosen as a Live Longer & Stronger Challenge Participant.


At Blend, I got to meet so many amazing, like minded people, and some of my best blends in person. I am still SO thankful for attending that retreat, and hope to attend many more in the years to come.


LL&S is changing my life, y’all. Seriously, I can’t put into words what it means to have been chosen to go through this weight loss journey with so many amazing people, and to have the guidance of those amazing, intelligent people at Woman’s Day and Joy Bauer. I’m a lucky, lucky lady.

2014 Live Longer & Stronger Challenge

I ran my first half marathon this year, and feel in love with running. I hosted my first series on the blog, and had so many amazing half marathoners share their stories.

half 1half2

I also got the opportunity to run with ZOOMA this year, and although I was injured, it was still such a great experience. I loved meeting the other ambassadors!


B turned 1 this year, and I’ve loved watching her grow. Her Aunt Linny sure loves her a whole lot (and her mama too!)

PicMonkey Collage10425020_10152286585950819_8080966146349578131_n

I started grad school this year (I’m almost done – a few months to go!) and shared the trials and tribulations of trying to stay healthy with a busy schedule.


I also turned 26 this year too! I don’t have it all figured out, and maybe I never will, but I’m loving my life right now. I’ll get to my goal weight, I’ll find a husband someday, and hey, maybe we’ll even have some kids. This year, though, I realized the only person I have to please in myself, and I’m pretty darn happy at 26 with my life just the way it is right now.



I love y’all for sticking around, and for your constant support. It means a lot to me, and I wish I could invite you all over for a birthday party and give each and every one of you a big hug.

Since I can’t do that, I’m offering a $10 Starbucks gift card (you know I’m obsessed!) as a thank you for reading Lindsay Weighs In. Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below, and GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As always, love you. Mean it. Here’s to many more years!

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