Happy Halloween! [2014]

Happy Halloween!



Bahaha! I had way too much fun with PicMonkey. Orange and black shirt & then some zombie makeup. Mwaha!

I love all holidays, but Halloween is one that I find super fun. It’s fun to be festive for any holiday! Also, I’m a 5 year old living in a 26 year old’s body, basically.


Last night, I tried to dress up as a minion to hand out candy, but overalls are forgiving to no one, and I felt really uncomfortable in them. It was chilly last night anyway, so I ended up wearing my jacket all last night anyway!

Here’s some costumes from year’s past:

Minnie Mouse last year!

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year of college (Flapper!)

Peach and Linny Halloween

Dressing up to hand out candy with Peach!

Daddy and I Little Linny

Hanging out with Daddio & stuffing my face. ;)

And, just for fun, look how much B has changed in just one year!

She's Getting So Big!

She’s getting so stinkin’ big! The days are passing by so quickly! Aunt Linny loves her a whole bunch. Her Mama is probably happy they don’t live around the corner, as I probably would have given her a whole bag of candy!

I hope your day is full of candy and scary stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. I likely won’t be watching any scary movies tonight. Terrifying! Clowns are ruined for me forever after IT, and I’m basically scared of my own shadow. Enjoy all that. I’ll be watching Gilmore girls. ;)

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