25 Things About Me

Alternative post title: Because I slept with a box of tissues in my bed last night and my head is too congested to write any other kind of post.

Hi pallies! If you saw this on Instagram last night, you know I’m not feeling too hot (and at 26, still need my Mommy – #truelife)


So, let’s do a survey on this Friday morning! I think this originally appeared on Tina’s blog, but has been floating all around the blog world. Enjoy!

1. I’m happiest when I’m on the beach or a baseball field. I’ve always said those are my two happy places. Being with my friends and family anywhere though makes me a happy girl!

the cure for anything

2. Especially when I’m on vacation at the beach and relaxing. SO good.

3. I’ve always wanted to skydive, though I’ll admit I’m terrified.

4. My family and I are really close, and I’m super lucky to have such a strong support system. They’re pretty darn awesome!



5. I was a terrible waitress. I only did it for one Summer, and I swear I only made tips because I was so nice.

6. My first job was babysitting. My first actual job though was serving meals at a nursing home.

7. I could probably eat cupcakes every day, but I don’t because I also really like my clothes fitting.

Birthday Cupcakes

8. I stole your hearts? Bahaha!

9. I was born on the same day as Lance Bass. May 4th baby!

10. My all-time favorite film is When Harry Met Sally? Tough one. I love so many different movies.


11. I do a pretty mean rap to songs. I’m totally kidding, I’m a terrible rapper, but I find it really fun to try.

12. I am still mad I never studied abroad in college. (Going to go with the consensus here – that would have been super fun!

13. I met my husband at the invisible husband store. (aka I’m not married.)

14. I always knew I wanted to help people in some way in my career

15. I’m not afraid of spiders. Snakes and bees though are a different story.

16. I make the best nothing I can think of. I have no claim to fame in the food department.

17. I have almost no self control when it come to saying hi to Yorkies or babies.

Behold my future.

Behold my future.

18. I always cry when… stop right there. Everything makes me cry. Sad songs, movies, TV shows. I’ve also been known to cry at a commercial. If it’s meant to tug at your heart strings, it will tug at mine something fierce.

19. I am a Pennsylvania resident but I don’t really care about the Phillies. (I’m more of an Orioles fan.)

20. I spent too much of my time watching Netflix lately. It’s good packing background though!

21. I wish my folks… well I wish my Dad was still here, but I’m really lucky to have such a great Mom and extended family on her side.

22. At 5, I was deeply in love with Barbies probably.

23. I believe if everyone practiced more random acts of kindness, that life would be amazing.

24. I can’t stand whipped cream. Disgusting.

25. Whenever Criminal Minds is on, I’ll watch it.

If you’re a blogger, have you filled this out yet? You probably should and then let me know. ;)

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