Elf4Health & Treating Yourself

Look at that title! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. ;)

Elf For Health is back up and running! I chose the option again this year to have an Elf instead of flying solo. I loved connecting with my elves last year, and definitely wanted that experience again this year! Well, you know when things are just so serendipitous and you couldn’t have planned it more perfectly your self if you tried? That’s what this round of Elf4Health is! Guess who my elf is…..

Elf Yourself

Yep! That’s Marisa from Uproot From Oregon! I mean seriously, how stinkin’ cool is that?! Someone who’s blog I follow regularly and whom I just love. SO SO SO excited. Thanks for the serendipitous pair up Lindsay & Elle!

Marisa&I Elf4Health

I’d like to think of this as our holiday card. Is that weird? Probably. #creepy

Y’all should definitely treat yoself with that beautiful mama to be over at Olives ‘N’ Wine and join in on the next round! And, if you’re participating in Elf4Health (heck, even if you’re not!) you’ll be treating yourself in some way, shape or form as one of the challenges on Saturday! If you need me, I’ll be in the pedicure chair, because my feet? They nasty.

Are you participating in #Elf4Health?! I want to connect with you all! And, does anyone else need a pedicure like a whole lot? That will make me feel better about my life. Just lie to me. xoxo

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