Why I’m Not Dating Right Now

I’ve shared a few of my online dating adventures in the past here, and I haven’t done so in awhile. Perhaps you’ve been thinking, maybe that crazy Lindsay Weighs In has finally settled down (No.), or maybe she find a normal person (No.) or maybe she stopped dating all together (Yes.)

Step Back From Dating

I want to meet someone someday, I want to get married and I want to have some kiddos, but right now is not a good time for any of that for me.

Why I’ve Stepped Back From Dating:
  • I’m not in love with myself (and my body) enough right now to let someone love me. – Until I get to a happy place with my weight, I’m never going to be able to put my walls down enough. Until then, I’d rather be alone.
  • Going out to eat all the time is too hard when you’re trying to lose weight. - I knew that it would be hard to be successful if I was going out to eat all the time on dates. That’s a prime thing to do when you’re just beginning to date, and I didn’t want to be putting myself in that situation all the time. I was kindasortanothingserious dating someone when I first started the LL&S challenge, and I found it hard to stay on plan when going out to eat. It’s not impossible, it just makes it harder.
  • I needed to focus on myself. – This was the biggest one for me. Instead of putting everyone else & their needs ahead of my own, I needed to focus on ME in order to be successful. I made the conscious decision to stop dating when it didn’t work out with the guy I mentioned above, and I’m really, really happy that I did.
  • When I’m at a better place with myself and my weight (and it’s coming!) I know I will have an easier time dating. I won’t be analyzing how fat I look, or strategically placing my purse near my stomach or tugging uncomfortably at my clothes, all while trying not to say something stupid on a first date.

I’m really looking forward to starting to date again when I reach my goal weight, but I’m happy with my decision, and I think I made the right choice in holding off for now.

2014 has been all about the before. 2015 will be about the after.
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