Friday Favorites #1

Hello hello! I’ve mentioned before that a new favorite blog of mine is Shay’s, and I’m linking with Andrea, Erika and Narci to do a Friday Favorites post!


The response to Kim and I’s Blending Podcast announcement!

Blending Podcast

We’re so excited to have your support, and can’t wait to bring you our first episode! We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so follow along. Kim and I have big plans!

The questions coming in for the Ask Me Anything post! I’m going to wait to film the vlog until I have a few more questions, so keep sending ‘em in!

Ask Me Anything

The fact that it’s baseball season!

I love love love watching baseball! I’m not particularly team loyal, though I have gone to Orioles games a bunch of times and I love it. I’m super excited to hopefully go to a Phillies game this summer! I also just love watching local teams play too and supporting them. All in all, I’m a happy girl on a baseball field!

The fact that my hair is growing longer. (Finally!)


(Source) At least I didn’t get a perm…

Everyone always says that short hair really suits me, which I totally appreciate!, but I always forget how much work it is to have it as short as I currently do. I’m looking forward to adding some length and being able to do more with it!

The Target/Lilly Launch this weekend!!!!!!

Lilly 2Lilly 1

I need want everything. Though I’m definitely buying that pineapple serving dish and pineapple sandals. New found obsession with pineapples over hurrrr. Which brings me to my next point…

The Emily Ley Spring Launch!

I’m in love with her products. I just ordered some of her less expensive stuff – a to do list book and a page marker for my planner – but I want a lot more!

Simplified Planner

I’m in love with her newest pineapple (of course) decorated planner and want it. It shall be mine and it shall be my squishyyyy, but I know it’s not in the budget right now. Sad face. Budgeting and grown up responsibilities and such. Le sigh.

What are your favorites this Happy Friday? Have a great weekend!

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