You Gotta Treat YoSelf!

I’m linking up with my gorg friend Becky to remind you all to treat yoself, and let you know what’s going on in my treat yoself world.

Seriously one of my all time favorite episodes. SO good.

Anyway, this weekend I got to treat myself to some time with one of my best friends, and her cutey cute cute daughter. I think y’all know where this is going.

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I got to spoil B this weekend! She says her name (AND MINE! I melt.) shapes, Elmo (her fav) and lots of other babble. Thanks for the tip about the Elmo Calls app at Blend, Janae! She now points to my phone and says Elmo. I can’t handle her cuteness.

It was also fantastic to see her mama. We used to take pictures all the time together, but apparently now all I do is take pictures of her offspring. Sorry Emma, but you made a cute kid. Still love you. (Maybe.) ;)

Here’s a throwback just for fun.

Halloween 2007... so freaking long ago.

Halloween 2007… woah flashback!

Someone please remind me always that bangs are never a good idea on me.

I also treated myself to finishing season 6 of Parks & Rec on HuluPlus this weekend, you know while I should have really been focusing on packing. Whoops!

Bahaha! (Source)

Bahaha! (Source)

And finally, I shall be treating myself to this shiny medal and running this virtual race:


We want to save 26.2 pugs, for a donation of $7,860. Β As my fiancΓ© runs his marathon at the Chicago Marathon, we’d like to dedicate each of his miles (and the .2) to changing the life of one pug and fundraising for the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue.

Go to Shannyn’s blog to find out more information, and to sign up! I really hope they reach their goal, and want to do everything I can to help. SUCH a good cause!


Now head on over to Olives ‘n’ Wine and see how we’re all treating ourselves ( and let me know in the comments what you’ve done to treat yourself lately. Or your favorite Parks and Rec scene. Either one.Β  ;) )

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