Blending Podcast Episode #4! [AKA The Goofiest Podcast Ever.]

YOU GUYS. I have a headset now. #professionalpodcasater

Listen here —> Episode 4: 16 Questions – The Girls Behind the Podcast


“Can I say badass? I just did.”

Welcome to the goofiest podcast we’ve filmed. Enjoy!

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Guest Post: Mending The Piggy Bank

Hey pals! Just dropping in to let y’all know that I’m over hanging out at Mending The Piggy Bank with Brianna!

Mending The Piggy Bank

We’re chatting about how to remain active on the cheap while you’re pinching pennies. <– something I know a lot about! I should do a post sometime soon about how to still have fun while (trying) to budget. Would y’all like that?

Staying Active Pinching Pennies

Anyway, click HERE to head on over to see the post! I’ll be there today and tomorrow in a 3 part series… are y’all shocked I had a lot to say? 😉 See you back here soon!!

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Weekend Happenings #5

I’m seriously in awe that it’s Monday already! I bet all my blends that were at Blend 2015 are feeling the same way after a long weekend of awesomeness and then travel back home. I was super sad to miss it this year, but I just couldn’t make it happen. It looked like SO much fun though (and the shirts were awesome!), and I can’t wait to hear all about it from my blends that were there! Thankfully, I had a pretty marvelous weekend myself. :)

weekend happenings

I worked all day Friday outside at an event for work (and have the sunburn to prove it), so I was pretty darn exhausted. However, I had a gender reveal party to attend for a friend and her hubby – SO much fun! – decorations to buy for the party and dinner with my boo! By the time we got home Friday night, I hit the pillow hard. Snoooozing.

On Saturday, we held our party! We did a three part party: birthday, housewarming and graduation party and it was really fun! We had so many people we love to help us celebrate. I love doing life with this guy!

My Mama surprised me with sprinkles and candles for my own special birthday cupcake and everyone sang happy birthday which was awesome! I suppose now (2 weeks later…. haha) my birthday really is over! Until next year 😉


We are seriously so lucky and everyone went above and beyond to make it a fun party and showered us with gifts and love. We have such amazing people in our lives!! Unfortunately, I took no pictures and snagged both of these from other people. That’s a sign of a good party, right? I’m constantly trying to unplug more, and I’m super happy that I was able to do so on Saturday. I only kept my phone with me to make sure everyone could find our house okay. Other than that, no phone! I actually couldn’t find it a couple times which was kind of nice. It was just really fun to be around all my friends and family. I’m so lucky!

Nothing of any substance happened on Sunday, because I was exhausted. Poor J had to work, but I stayed in bed most of the day. #lazypants 😉 I read Jen Lancaster, caught up on Grey’s, took a nap and then did adult things like clean up a bit and do a load of laundry. Ah, adult tasks.

It was such an amazing weekend, and I wish it could have been a million hours longer, but what can you do? Now, it’s Monday, and back to the grind, but I’m bound and determined to make it a good day and a good week. Perspective baby!

Tell me all about your weekend! Are you a good host/hostess? I’m constantly trying to become a better (less stressed) party thrower and every time I get a little better!

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