(Long) Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday Tuesday, friends! I hope you had a marvelous weekend (and long weekend if you were so lucky!) and also took some time to reflect as well on the reason for the long weekend.

weekend happenings

I’ve racked my brain trying to remember what happened on Friday and I really cannot remember even a little bit. We probably had dinner out and relaxed? Ugh I just don’t know! I kinda remember J working late and me relaxing watching a lot of Young and Hungry on ABC Family. Though that also may have been Saturday. Hmm…. I swear. My long term memory is fantastic. My short term? Not so much!

Saturday was a lot of cleaning, relaxing and then dinner on the porch al fresco with a homemade dinner by J. I seriously won the boyfriend lottery. This man can cook!

After dinner, we headed out to meet J’s sister and her fiance for a few drinks. SO fun! I love them so much. :)

Moscow Mule

I tried my first Moscow Mule, and unfortunately I was so not a fan! I’d been wanting to try one for ages, so I’m glad I finally did, but I guess I’ll stick with my old tried and true adult beverages from now on! 😉

Sunday we ran a few errands, watched the old Poltergeist #scaryascrap and then got ready for the beginning of our wedding season!

We had the best time, got our groove on, ate some delicious food and cake and celebrated the love of a gorgeous, gorgeous couple! J’s best friend and his fiance wife have welcomed me with open arms and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. It was such a fun wedding!

Wedding Sunglasses Fun

We wear our sunglasses at night 😉 Loved these favors from the wedding!

Monday we slept in (yay!) and then hit up both our parents’ houses for cookouts. I love a holiday and the time to be with our famsquads. We’re so lucky that we both have great families!

Joejoe and Rosie

Rosie sure loves her J! She was all snuggled up asleep with him after dinner and it was the cutest thing ever. Plus, he’s pretty darn cute himself!

I posted this on Facebook after a bit of another wake up call:

This whole "I need to fit into two bridesmaid dresses in the next couple months, yet I've been eating whatever I want" thang thang needs to STOP. Lifestyle change starting…. tomorrow. 😉

Posted by Lindsay on Friday, May 22, 2015

After a long weekend, and too long of indulging (which I talked about here), I’m finally back on the healthy eating wagon. I plan to follow the 80/20 rule – indulging at weddings and special occasions – but eating healthy most of the time. I’ve got two bridesmaid dresses I’d like to feel more confident in this Summer, and also the rest of my life to feel more confident in my own skin as well! Though I know it will be hard, I’m looking forward to the change.

Nelson Mandela

Perfect thing to see on my calendar today as I’m switching to Tuesday! Thank God for small signs that we can do this :) J and I made sure to get groceries last night and plan out our meals for the week and I got up early and packed my lunch today. I’m ready!

Tell me: How was your weekend? I want to hear all about in the comments! Do you have a favorite quote that gets you through hard times and challenges? I’d love to hear about it!

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Friday Favorites #3

I’m a huge fan of these Friday Favorites posts. It puts me in a great mood on Fridays (well an even better one than I already am in because hello weekend!) and makes me think about all of the things making me happy currently!


Plus, I love these pretty ladies’ blogs, so why not link-up every week?! Without further ado…

Friday Favorite #1:

Bumble and bumble primer

This Bumble and bumble primer. I’m so in love. The smell is heavenly, and I really love that I’m protecting my hair against all the heat that I put on it (way too much.) I know that it’s $27, but I truly believe that you get what you pay for, and by putting better products on your hair, it acts better. They also sent me a bunch of samples with my order, so I’m sure I’ll get lots of new obsessions from them!

Top knots, bicycle shirts and funny faces…. These are a few of my favorite thingssss 🎶🎶 #imagoofball

A photo posted by Lindsay (@lindsayweighsin) on

I’m trying to leave my hair curly more often, but I really prefer it straight, so it’s nice to have something to protect it. Though, I have to say, I get way more compliments when it’s curly rather than straight. Hmmmm….

Friday Favorite #2:


Blend 2015 recaps. I’m so glad that all of my blends had such a good time, and I’m sure sad that I missed it! I can’t wait to hear where Blend 2016 is…. I really want to go! I’ve loved reading the recaps, and hearing how great it was. It makes me feel like I was there! (Kind of.) Not as good as actually being there, but ya know!

Friday Favorite #3:

(Me too, Chandler.) 😉 Source

This weekend kicks off our wedding season for the year! Starting this weekend, we’ll be attending (at least one) wedding ever month until October. WOO! I love, love, love weddings, and I’m super excited! I think we have something like 8 weddings to attend this Summer-Fall? I’m in 2 and J is in 1. :) I plan to get my groove on! (And look like Chandler Bing.)

Friday Favorite #4:

Memorial Day

Memorial Day – Of course, I am very excited for a three-day weekend, but I also understand what this holiday represents. Thank you to the friends, friend’s spouses, coworkers and all that have served. I appreciate your service to keep me and those I love free. <3

What are your Friday Favorite this week? See y’all on Tuesday!

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Blending Podcast Episode #4! [AKA The Goofiest Podcast Ever.]

YOU GUYS. I have a headset now. #professionalpodcasater

Listen here —> Episode 4: 16 Questions – The Girls Behind the Podcast


“Can I say badass? I just did.”

Welcome to the goofiest podcast we’ve filmed. Enjoy!

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