These Are My Confessions [TOL]

I haven’t done a confessions post in a hot minute, so let’s do the damn thing!


Confession… I cannot stop jamming to the new Taylor Swift album. Oh my goodness, so stinkin’ good!

My favorite right now is Style, but they don’t have a video for that yet. Jam out to Shake It Off instead!

Confession… I know I’m super biased, but is she not the cutest thing in the whole world?


THAT FACE!!! When I was FaceTiming with them the other day, I asked her what she was going to be and she said “Elmo!” If she could stop getting so big that would be just awesome.

Confession… This is the time of year when part of me just wants to stay off all forms of social media (as much as I’m obsessed!) because people can get so nasty around election time. I’m glad you have a political point of view, but please don’t try to change mine, or make me feel bad about what I believe. Can’t we all just be nice?!

Oh Napoleon Dynamite! (Source)

Oh Napoleon Dynamite! (Source)

Confession… Have I told y’all why I never wear a watch, even though I love them? I live in fear that someone will ask me what time it is and I won’t be able to tell them. Yes, I’m a weirdo! It’s much easier to tell time on a digital clock, yes?

MK Watch

If I DID get one though (and had an unlimited bank account…) I would for sure get this one. Except Roman numerals are even harder! Dumb.

Confession… As much as I’m annoyed to be back in PT, at least I like my team there. The heat and e-stim isn’t too bad either. ;) I know it’s going to hurt more before it gets better, but hopefully it doesn’t take the whole 8 weeks they think it’s going to right now!

PT Fun

Confession… I have no real plans for Halloween, but I still want to dress up to hand out candy (and wear to PT…). I just figured out what I’m going to be!

Think Out Loud & tell me some of your confessions? What are you being for Halloween? Isn’t she the cutest little Elmo you’ve ever seen?!

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