Ch-Ch-Ch Changes [Lindsay Weighs In is now Sincerely, LMS!!!]

Do you notice anything a little different?

Sincerely, LMS

I’m so so so super excited to launch Sincerely, LMS! All the old content from Lindsay Weighs In is still here and won’t be going anywhere. So don’t worry, all your favorite old posts are still in the archives. 😉

Why the change?

Remember when I talked about no longer feeling inspired by blogging? When I really thought about it, it wasn’t that I wasn’t inspired by blogging so much anymore, it’s that Lindsay Weighs In no longer inspired me. I felt like I had pigeon-holed myself into a specific niche that I no longer wanted to be in. When I first started reading blogs, the “healthy living” blogs were all that I read because that was one of my main interests. Of course, I still love them and love the relationships I’ve made as a result of Lindsay Weighs In, but I’m no longer inspired by talking about health and fitness all the time. I spoke before about thinking that talking about weight loss would be motivating, but I’ve learned that, for me, it was instead paralyzing. And that’s okay!

Now, I’m so excited and newly rejuvenated to blog again.  This re-brand is exactly what I needed. I have so many fun ideas (can I get some more hours in the day, please?!) and I can’t wait to talk about many different topics with you all. This will be more of a lifestyle blog for sure now, a transition I’ve wanted to make for some time now. I’ve been sort of leaning that way for some time now, so don’t expect much of the content to change. I plan to update you all on my healthy living journey from time to time – perhaps monthly! – but that’s not what this blog will be all about.

Also, shout out to Bluehost, who made the transition from Lindsay Weighs In to Sincerely, LMS completely seamless and super easy. Their live chat feature is amazing, and both of the representatives I worked with were wonderful! When you type in it SHOULD redirect you to Please tell me if it doesn’t!

Why Sincerely, LMS?

Well, LMS are my initials and I kinda love ’em (and monograms). I almost made it LSM to reflect my monogram but I thought that might be a little confusing. Y’all (haha) know that I love the South and Southern hospitality. Pineapples have been popping up all over my world (ask J, our house is pineapple central, with more to come!) and I’m excited to incorporate my love of Southern hospitality, grace and kindness into my blog. Of course, I’m not planning to move South (talk to me this Winter though and I will be longing for it!) – J and I plan to stay here – but this blog is a representation of me. Our personalities and interests change, and it’s okay if our blogs do too!

Any more changes coming?

I was too excited to launch the blog, so there are still some more changes coming. :) I’ve been working with Trina at Pish & Posh Designs and she has been absolutely phenomenal to work with! Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about her customer service and she truly sees my vision for Sincerely, LMS. I’m excited for you all to see the new header (it’s coming!) and some of the other little changes that are coming. Overall though, are you all digging this design? I totally am and I hope you all are too!

I’m going back and forth about changing my social media names. I have made the change on my Pinterest page to reflect the new name, but still have Instagram and Twitter under lindsay_sica. What do you all think? Change to SincerelyLMS or keep it the same? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Anything else?

A huge thank you to all of you for sticking with me as I make this transition!!!! I hope you all will stick around but if more of a lifestyle blog isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. It’s not you, it’s me. 😉

Thanks to Amanda for this chance to link up and Think Out Loud about blogs and blog transitions. I’m super excited, and I really hope you all are too.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I can’t wait to hear!!

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