Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed? (Life Update)

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, friends. I still want to tell you all about NYC for the Live Longer & Stronger Challenge & the Red Dress Awards (and I WILL!) and I also want to fill you in on my life (because I know you all care a whole lot.)

I think  you can in Europe. (Source)

I think you can in Europe. (Source)

BUT, I’m in my final weeks of school (and just a wee bit overwhelmed – not just whelmed though, because I’m in AMERICA.) and I am trying to stay sane and go to work and finish up my last final big project (you know the one I need to do well on to graduate? Yeah, that one.)


Kidding! (ish.) (Source)

I wish I could say I had a whole bunch of posts banked to share with you while I’m in this hell, but we all know that’s not the case. So not my style. ;)


Tell me about it, Jack. (Source)

So it will continue to be quiet around these parts for a little bit longer, but I WILL be back. I’m sure you’ll miss me and my mindless ramblings about coffee and cupcakes. It’s fine.


Hahaha! (Source)

Speaking of coffee, send some. Talk to you soon! Love you! Mean it.

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