A to Z [Survey]

Hello, hello! Y’all know I can’t resist a good survey. Here we go!

A to Z

A – Age: 27

B – Biggest Fear: I get really antsy about heights and enclosed spaces, butI’m a chronic worrier so this is a hard one!

C – Current Time: 8:04 a.m.

D – Drink You Had Last: Diet Dr. Pepper.


E – Easiest Person To Talk To: I’m really blessed to have such great friends and family, and a boyfriend who listens to me talk and whine all the time. It’s too hard to pick one!

J and I graduation

F – Favorite Song: All time favorite song would be anything James Taylor, I grew up listening to his music and it just reminds me of really happy times. My current favorite song is “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood.

G – Grossest Memory: I’m having a hard time thinking of something so I’m not going to think any further about this. Ha!

H – Hometown: I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and have lived in a lot of the surrounding areas of Harrisburg. Love my hometown!

I – In Love With: My J. And my life. I’m really happy.

Cutie Pie

J – Jealous Of: No jealousy here. I’m content with my life!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My mama.


L – Longest Relationship: The one I’m in right now! I knew I didn’t want to settle for Mr. Right Now, and wanted to wait for Mr. Right. I’m so glad that I did!

M – Middle Name: Marie – after my Great Aunt (and my mama’s godmother)

N – Number of Siblings: Two. Love you crazies!


O – One Wish: Edited to add: I am not pregnant! WHOOPS! Thank you for pointing this out, Rachel! The blogger I filled out the survey from is. Oh goodness! A happy and healthy baby (Previous answer!) I am wishing and praying for instead the strength to reach my weight loss goals once and for all. And then I can be healthy enough to have babies one day. BUT NOT TODAY! Oh my, I’m so embarrassed!

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My mama! We talk on the phone pretty much every day. #sorrynotsorry

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “How are you SO cool?” 😉 Kidding!

R – Reason To Smile: My crazy, beautiful life.

S – Song You Last Sang: I always sing along with the radio when I’m driving. Something that was on Y2Kountry SiriusXM this morning!

T – Time You Woke Up: 6:15 a.m.

U – Underwear Color: Gray and purple.

V – Vacation Destination: Well, I grew up going to the beach every summer so that is 100% my happy place and I love it there. There’s lots of other places I’d love to go, though. Fun fact! Both J & I’s parents had their honeymoon in Maine, so we’d both really like to go there together. And, I’d love to go somewhere tropical. AND, I’d love to visit lots of other countries. Sign me up for everywhere, please.


W – Worst Habit: Oh goodness. Hmm… I worry too much.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: A decent amount! I played soccer for 14 years so I had my fair share of injuries and x-rays though I’ve never broken a bone. Well, I’m still convinced that I broke my arm in middle school during soccer practice, though since it was such a hairline fracture if anything they didn’t cast it. I still played that season with my splint wrapped up. God love my Mama. She’s a champ.


I’ve also had lots of x-rays over the years at the orthodontist and dentist. I had my most recent one at the orthodontist this week! I’m thinking of getting Invisalign because my teeth have shifted (not wearing your retainers for years will do that to a girl!) and they really bother me. And, I suspect that they will x-ray my thumb next week at the Orthopedic doctor to make sure nothing is broken before they inject me with a cortisone shot to help my tendonitis. I swear, I’m a mess!

Y – Your Favorite Food: Cupcakes. Duh.

birthday cake

Z – Zodiac Sign: Taurus!

Think out loud and answer some of these questions! This has been floating around the blogsophere for some time, so I had to jump on it. I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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Weekend Happenings [#10]

Hi!! I swear sometime soon I will write something of substance on Lindsay Weighs In, but today is not that day 😉 Let’s recap the [marvelous] weekend!

weekend happenings

I actually really like writing these posts, though I’m not totally sure if YOU all like them. C’est la vie. (JK, tell me in the comments.) :)

Friday was low-key, I unpacked a bit (ahh, moving!) and Rosie was at Camp Linny and JoeJoe (bahah, me so funny.) while my Mama was away for work. She had fun! And so did we, but Rosie’s time at camp showed that we are SO not ready for a dog, no matter how much I want one.


THAT FACE. I can’t handle her cuteness. She is such a funny little thing!

On Saturday, I worked an event for work most of the day and then headed out dinner with my love and some wonderful other people! I had the most delicious food and the atmosphere and service were excellent! (Manga Qui is the name of the restaurant if you’re a local reader!) I had a glass of Prosecco with my meal and oh my goodness, that may be my new favorite. The company of course was fantastic as well :) I continue to be so happy and feel so blessed about the people J has brought into my life. We’re both so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family! /sappyparagraph. Anyway, we definitely be back!

Sunday we attended a graduation, going away and birthday party at the Hershey Vineyard. It was hot as heck out, but it was so much fun! I definitely want to go back for a wine tasting soon! I also attempted some unpacking, but how can you really unpack when this cutie wants to take a nap on ya?

Rosie 2

Seriously. Priorities, y’all. 😉

The unpacking can wait until tonight, though I am determined to get it done tonight before I lose my darn mind. I like order and knowing where things are – haha! Here’s my hope for you all this beautiful Monday:

Monday be short

Tell me! What did you do this weekend? Also, send me all of your cute puppy pictures. Please and thank you. Talk to you all soon!

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Lindsay’s Links [#2]

Hello, hello! I’m recovering from a fun weekend away to celebrate one of my favorite people and her upcoming wedding, and thought it would be fun to do a second installment of Lindsay’s Links! I started this post yesterday two three (okay this is day 4 now and it’s getting ridiculous!) days ago, and then it never got done. #worstbloggerever. Anywayyyyy….

The delay in getting this post out may have something to do with the current state of my right (dominant.. like my left hand is useless) hand, or the fact that I’m just not feelin’ blogging right now. Either or.


I’m constantly saving posts on BlogLovin’ to share with you all, and then it becomes too big to share. (Or I forget. Full disclosure.) I’m currently going through 500 (500!! Ugh.) unread posts on my BlogLovin’ feed, and wanted to share with you all some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Lindsay's Links

Cure your writer’s block with these prompts – Loved this post from Ashley! Sometimes I want to blog but can’t think of what I want to say to y’all. These are so helpful!

20 Common Beauty Mistakes (you might be making) – Pretty sure I’m already making most of these. I’m on the hunt for a good liquid foundation. Halp!

Predicting the Future: Blogging in 2016 (and Beyond) – I agree with Katy that blogging will likely look very different in the years to come!

Cinque Terre Travel Guide – I love this post from Victoria, because hello, the photos are beautiful, but there is also great information on this post (and in the rest of the recaps!) if you’re planning a trip to Italy. Gorgeous!

DIY Housewarming Gift + FREE Printable – I don’t think even I could miss this one up. I want to make these for all of my friends!

Books that Changed My Life – I spoke about how much I connected with Andie’s book and saw myself in her story before, and I loved seeing this list of books that spoke to her. I’m a big fan of Andie’s! I kinda want her to be my BFF. Creepy? Yes. True. Yes. #noshame

Why You Should Feel Confident in a Sports Bra… No Matter How Lean You Are – Love this. Love her. Love her blog. BRB, flying to Florida to give Julie a hug. Julie has been one of my favorite bloggers/people since we met on a Twitter chat years ago and I’m almost always certain to include one of her posts in Lindsay’s Links.

Racing Bananas, Version 2.0 – Have I told y’all lately how much I love Kimmy? I love how honest she is in this post, and I need to step up my game. Kimmy, can I be you when I grow up. Kthx.

Making the Most of Your Home Decor – I’m a big fan of Jen’s blog (and the projects that she does!) so of course I was so happy to see this post as we transition into a new house and I work on decorating this one. It’s a different set up than our previous space, and I’m really looking forward to making intentional choices on our decor that I like for years to come. Also, buying slowly and not just buying things to have them on the wall/around the house. This is something I super struggle with (I see all these pretty houses on blogs and darnit, I want that!) but I’m working on getting better. #progressnotperfection

Conversations with JuliaSlightly cheating because this is more than one post. Camp Patton may be one of my new favorite blogs. Thank you blogging link ups! I laughed myself into the hiccups no less than three times reading these conversations. A favorite:

heard through the monitor during nap time:
Julia: HAAAAAAAAAALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
silence and a pause
Julia: This is riddy riddy boring.

Since this post has taken me 4 days to get to you all, I’m going to stop this here and not make it take any longer, though I have much more in my BlogLovin’ to share! Click here to see what posts I’ve liked lately, and I’ll be back next week with another installment of Lindsay’s Links. In the mean time, think [out loud] about how bad of a blogger I am 😉 Ha!

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