#FitBlogNYC 2014 [Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet!]

I don’t know that I have words to adequately describe how freakin’ awesome yesterday was.

Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet

This was my first time attending the event, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had heard that the swag was amazing (and BOY did they deliver!) and that it was a smaller, really fun event.


I was so excited to know a few people going (that I’d already met IRL) and to meet some of my favorite bloggers at the event.

I made sure that I kept shyness in check (I’m kind of shy IRL), and introduced myself to everyone I recognized, and made a point to talk to LOTS of people. I’m SO glad that I did!

Bloggers are such a fun group! I was hugging perfect strangers, except they aren’t really strangers. I know more about these friends than some other people in my life!

The day started for me at 3:30 a.m., as my train was leaving at 5 a.m. and there was no stinkin’ way I was missing it! My sweet Mama dropped me off in the morning (and picked me up later that night!) and it was smooth sailing from there. I blogged yesterday from the train!

on the train

By the way, I find mobile blogging so stinkin’ annoying. I don’t know how y’all do it! The pictures are always sized weirdly, and take forever to load on my WordPress App! Plus coding is weird. I ended up accidentally falling asleep on the train, and was very confused when I woke up.

Once I got off the train, and finally made my way out of the station (STUPID confusing.), I got all ready to hail a cab. Except I didn’t realize there was a cab line and I looked like an asshole. Whoops!

I started to get panicked about not getting there on time, but thank goodness Nicole was already there and filling me in that I was okay and they hadn’t opened the doors yet!

On the wayyyArrive in style

It was raining, but I still wished I was arriving in style via a horse drawn carriage ;) Bahaha!


After they let us in (and I creepily said hello to lots of people I recognized!) we had some delicious breakfast before the first speaker!

Betty Wong, Fitness Editor in Chief, (LOVED her by the way!) introduced us to the event, and then the first speaker.

Betty Wong

Holly Rilinger was so stinkin’ cool. SUCH a badass! What a cool career – pro basketball player to a fitness professional. I really enjoyed listening to her talk, and to hear about how she got to where she is now.

Betty and Holly

She had some great advice about making time to workout and prioritizing your workouts in your schedule. You wouldn’t miss an important meeting, so schedule your workouts like they’re a meeting you CAN’T miss!

Health Panel

Dr. Marci Goodby of the Hospital for Special Surgery then talked about injuries. I probably should have listened to this talk months ago before I injured my knee ;) She reaffirmed what I already knew (#howIgotinjured) about how important strength training, cross training and stretching are as a runner. She had SO much great information!

Carla Hall 9

The last session before lunch was with Carla Hall, and I am a huge fan of hers now. I never watched The Chew, but you best believe I will be now! Can I just stay home every day from work and watch all the fabulous TV that’s on during the day? (Haha!)

She was SO funny – “If you’re in a bad mood, the only thing you should be making is a reservation!” bahahaha! – and her philosophy is to cook with love. She’s actually trying to open her own restaurant right now!

We were sitting towards the front, and I totally embarrassed myself when she called on me to ask what I know how to cook. “Um…. eggs…. and um… chicken. Yeah that’s about it!”

Sorry Mom


We laughed about it later when I was gal-palling with her after her session (!!!) when she took photos with us all, and she thanked me for all of my smiles during the presentation. (Aw!)


During the lunch break (which I totally forgot to take pictures of, #bloggerfail, but it was delicious!) we got to walk around and chat with the sponsors. Holy guacamole they were generous!


They were generous in our swag bags and generous in person! They had all kinds of fun stuff set up to do. AnnMarie (who is seriously my sister separated at birth! ER MAH GERDDDDD.) and I had fun at the Tria booth!

Soul sisters

The last session of the day was a branding session with Anne, Bianca and Laura.

Brand Panel

This was such a great session, and I took a lot away from what they had to say. I have big goals and dreams in regards to Lindsay Weighs In, and I loved learning more about what I can do to continue to grow my little corner of the internet!

There was a run after the Branding session, but I didn’t participate. Instead, I went and had coffee with Rachael and her little cutie! This is shades of Blend, where I basically snuggled babies the whole time, and I loved every second of it.

Before I had to catch my train, I got to have dinner with AnnMarie and Nicole, where we attempted to make plans to get together to spectate the NYC Marathon in a few weeks. ER MAH GERDDDDD. I’m on crack! I’m on crack! #wearenuts

There’s so many people I didn’t get to say hello to or get pictures with, but I know I’ll see y’all again soon!


Nicole, Sarah, AnnMarie & I with our Twinner Hokas!

It was an all-around fabulous day and I’m so glad to have been invited! I’m totally not a city girl you guys, though. The day was a comedy of errors in regards to me trying to get places, and I’m glad I live somewhere where I can drive my car!


I’m SUCH a super nerd you guys, and sometimes I can’t believe you come here and read my babble, but I’m sure glad you do!

Bloggers: Have you ever attended an event like this? Have you ever met your “blends” IRL? – AND I want to hear all about what you’re up to this weekend/how your day was yesterday, all of you!! Is anyone else as bad at navigating in a city like I am? Just me? Cool story, guys.

Don’t forget, the Blog Well Summit [a FREE virtual blogging conference (!!!)] is going on all weekend. Be sure to check it out! I’ll be joining the cocktail party tonight in my PJs (I’m not kidding.)

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