I Am Refreshed [Refresh Summit 2014 Recap]

I think I’ve finally put my thoughts together enough to write a post on the Refresh Summit that I went to last weekend.


I don’t talk about my faith a lot here on LWI. A lot of that is because I spent a lot of years mad at God. Like a lot. I couldn’t understand why my Dad was taken away. He was the one that loved the church. We went to church with him every week. We went through all the different steps within our church (First Reconciliation, etc. – I was raised Catholic.) yet we still had our Dad taken away from us. How does that make sense? How is that fair? How can I still trust and love a God who took away one of the greatest men I’ve ever known? How can I understand this? How can I still hope? How can I get past this?

Hope like an anchor

I questioned. I stewed. I was angry. I spent a long time with these emotions.

And then I forgave.

Don't Stay Angry

When I saw some of my blogger friends posting about the Refresh Summit, I felt this pull to go. It seemed like it would be good for my soul. It seemed like exactly what I needed. Melissa and I registered and made plans to drive down, and then anxiously counted down the days. I knew I needed this weekend. I just didn’t know how much until I actually got there.

Melissa and I drove down Thursday, and stayed in Nashville (the conference was outside of Nashville, though that’s where I told everyone I was going. I’m a goober.) and explored on Friday before we headed to Refresh.

Nashville 1

I love country music. I really love all types of music, but there was something about being in Nashville, visiting the Grand Ole Opry, walking around the streets, I just loved it. I say often that I’m a wanna be Southern Belle, and that’s the truth.

Nashville is cold

Not the weather I was expecting while we were there, just saying. ;)

Nashville 2

We did a backstage tour of the Ryman (wish I would have been able to take pictures!) and actually got to be on a tiny part of the stage. To be on the same stage, if only a bit, of all these amazing artists was just really powerful. I loved it!

Then it was time to head to Refresh! As soon as we walked in, I squeezed Katie, Brittany and Lindsay and snuggled Porter. I felt right at home instantly.

Refresh 1

We had worship a few times while we were there, and I fell in love with the songs we were singing, and with Krissy Nordhoff’s beautiful voice as she lead our worship. I felt lucky to be there. Lucky to be around these amazing women. At one point, I found myself crying while we were singing. I felt so at peace.

Refresh 2

I attended a meal prep/nutrition workshop. I went to a workshop on how to read the Bible. I danced like no one was watching. I never got into real clothes or put on makeup all weekend. I shook my booty. I sang my heart out. I laughed with my roommates. I laughed at every meal. I unplugged. I snuggled all the babies. I ate the most delicious food. I made s’mores. I was blessed with amazing swag.

I talked by the fire. I drank lots of coffee. I hugged. I cried. I smiled. I loved. I was blessed. I was prayed for. I prayed. I’m already counting down the days until next year. I was (I am) grateful. I let go of all my anger. I am refreshed.

Refresh 3

And I am set free. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

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